Spring 1954 “Outer Space” House Party

On February 5, 2015, Σ 688 George Fomin ’56 wrote to us about a priceless photo of an “Outer Space” party at Sigma in 1954.

From Brother Fomin:

For the May ’54 house party, Sigma brothers decided that it would be fun to have an “Outer Space” theme. It was great fun to invite the young women and talk about the theme costumes that we would wear and then to prepare our costumes. The women prepared some of the most dramatic matching costumes and there was a fun competition for the most “far out” costumes.

The afternoon of the party we decorated the house with streamers and rolled up the rug in the living room for dancing. We danced to records of the big bands of the day and Jackie Gleason’s Music for Lovers Only.

We were having the greatest time of our lives in the chapter house and we wanted it to go on forever, but at about 12:30am, our very good-hearted faculty house advisor and his wife appeared with big smiles and we knew “the ball was over” … until the next great house party.